Stories of Muslims Impacted by Christianity, Book Review by Richard R. Blake

Book Review: 10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God

By: Faisal Malick

Ambient Press, P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257-0310

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Stories of Muslims Impacted by Christianity

Faisal Malick has compiled the testimonies of ten Muslims supernaturally stirred by the Christian message that Jesus Christ is the risen Son of God and savior. “10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God” contains stories of individuals practicing the traditions of the Sunni, and Shiite lifestyles forsaking Islam to become followers of Jesus. Other accounts examine the mindset of a Muslim Jihadist and other radical cults as they relate their own supernatural experiences once receiving the revelation of truth through the scriptures.

Each of the ten dramatic stories in this compilation are accompanied by commentary from the editor Faisal Malick explaining and reinforcing foundational truths of the Gospel and an invitation and suggested prayer to guide the reader to receive Christ as their savior.

The testimonies are written with clarity, and a strong emphasis on recognizing Jesus Christ as the true Son of God as the basis for salvation, eternal life, assurance of eternal life. They tell of personal supernatural experiences, dreams, visions, miracles, and other circumstances that bear evidence of the personal touch of God on their lives. Reports of the fruit of these conversions express the ripple effect as individual Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and atheists have found Christ to be the answer.

Malick’s commentary is highly informative: I was interested to learn of the differences between the Sunni and Shiite and of the various echelons of status, of their values, and of intellectual motivations. I found another interesting concept which reveals the motivation for becoming Christian: One writer described his reason for leaving Islam for Jesus this way: “…not as a punishment as an apostate, but rather as the redemption of one’s soul.” The stories bear evidence of the hunger of must Muslims to know more of truth and of their longing to be closer to God.

“10AmazingMuslims Touched by God” is relevant, timely, and important. The book serves as a revelation to Christians of the open door of opportunity to clearly demonstrate God’s love to Muslims in these explosive times, and as an invitation to Muslim seekers to find the Christ of Christianity.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

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