Book Review: Unbound: Breaking Free from Life’s Entganlements by Jack & Trisha Frost

Unbound: Breaking Free from Life’s Entanglements

By: Jack & Trisha Frost



Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257-0310, 978-0768441314, $ 14.99, 2012, 156 Pages, Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Let Go – Break Free – Embrace Change that Liberates

“Unbound: Breaking Free from Life’s Entanglements” is made up of heartfelt testimonies, helpful teaching, powerful questions to ponder, and soul searching sample prayers. These prayers are filled with strong affirmations, heart searching confessions, and refreshing inspiration which result in spiritual revitalization.

Jack shares a testimony of his own radical salvation experience. I appreciated Jack’s candid openness as he told of the period of discovery and growth after his conversion. “Unbound” combines Jack’s writing and Trisha relates stories of how the wounds of the past left them bound by the entanglements of life. Jack has introduced their discoveries in two earlier books. Trisha tells of her own rediscovery of these lessons as she faces life alone, as Jack’s widow.

Jack and Trish promise the reader hope and healing from the cycle of inner fears, resulting in strongholds of life’s entanglements in exchange for boundless freedom to live out their destinies. I envisioned Satan filling our subconscious minds with strongholds of fear and identity to alienate us from believing the truth that we are loved by God.

The questions to ponder are penetrating and thought provoking. Chapter by chapter I sensed a progression – moving from recognizing and identifying the source of my own woundedness to understanding the process of how strongholds develop and finally to discover how to embrace change that gives freedom.

“Unbound: Breaking Free from Life’s Entanglements” is filled with authoritative instruction, well-chosen scriptures, and relevant illustrations.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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