Book Review: Once Life Matters: A New Beginning By: Marty Angelo

Once Life Matters: A New Beginning

Marty Angelo
Impact Publishing (2006)
ISBN 0961895446
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (5/07)

While on a roller-coaster  ride of self-destruction, Marty Angelo experienced the thrills and pinnacles of  success and the despair and depression of the pits of personal failure.  For fifteen years he pursued a career as a  music business entrepreneur.

“Once Life Matters: A New  Beginning” is his life-changing memoir. Such well-known celebrities from the  music industry as Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, and  Rob Grill all had a part in Marty’s rise to success as a manager and promoter.

Although outwardly  successful, Angelo was searching for more, for meaning. During this  fifteen-year journey he experienced the powerful hold of drugs, alcohol, and  rock/disco music on his life.

In March of 1981 Angelo had  reached rock bottom.  It was at this  point that Marty experienced a dramatic and powerful life-changing conversion  to Christianity. Since that time, he has become a strong witness of God’s  saving grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

In Marty’s own words, “It  took me thirty-five years, but I finally found peace through Jesus Christ. The  decades of the wild life I led, along with the few times when I was close to  finding the right path, weave an amazing story. I’m not proud of the many  problems I created for myself–the incredibly stupid things I did–but I’m not  running from them or trying to cover them up either. In fact, by telling my  story here, I hope you, dear reader, can learn the lessons I learned without  going through the trials and dangers I faced.”

Since his conversion in 1981,  Marty has served significant roles in full-time ministry with Chuck Colson’s  Prison Fellowship, as a counselor with Teen Challenge, and as director of  evangelism and court liaison with the Faith Farm Ministries.

Angelo’s writing is engaging,  entertaining, informational, and inspiring. He made himself vulnerable,  exposing his weaknesses as well as his strengths.  I appreciated the no-holds-barred approach in telling his story,  balancing the message of his newfound life as a follower of Christ with his  experiences in the music industry and well as a glimpse into his life while  serving time in the Federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky.

Marty views  this book as a ministry. It is his prayer that readers will discover the truth  of God’s Word and be motivated and encouraged to take a stand for God.  This  is a book that will challenge hearts, offer hope, and I believe it will change  lives, which is, I am sure, exactly what Marty intended it to do. I feel confident that “Once Life Matters” has that kind  of potential.


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