Book Review: Heart for the Game by Simon Keith

Heart for the Game by Simon Keith with Jason Cole and Don Yaeger

Nexus Publishing: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform. 978-1475195132, $ 9.99, 2012, 218 Pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Moment of Truth – A Formula for Championship

“Heart for the Game” is a team effort. Sports reporter Jason Cole collaborates with bestselling author, editor, and business leader Don Yaeger to tell Simon Keith’s incredible story.

Simon is one of the longest living heart transplant recipients in the world and the first person to ever come back from a heart transplant to play professional sports, a man who went on to live a full and complete life.

The writer’s skillfully capture Simon’s “guts and determination” as they describe his perseverance to overcome obstacles, his ability to dream dreams, and to take on personal challenges. He is portrayed as one willing to do whatever it takes to succeed with a “laser focus” on his goals.

In 1986 young Simon Keith was on his way to play in the World Cup in Mexico when he was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease with only a few weeks to live. Simon never gave up his dream but persevered. This is the story of the gift of a heart donation, a second chance at life for Simon, and the lessons he learned throughout his battle to survive.

Simon received the heart of a seventeen year old donor. Twenty-five years later Simon sought out the family of this young donor, the Fields family. He wanted to learn more about their son James and to thank them for their gift. He reflects on this meeting as they gathered at the gravesite of James Fields. This meeting is poignant.

“Heart for the Game” is an important book for the victim of any cardiac condition, their caregivers, and families, soccer players, fans, motivational speakers, and life coaches. Simon Keith’s is a story of inspiration, encouragement, and, motivation.

A review copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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