Book Review: Healing Our Autistic Children by Julie A. Buckley, M. D.

Up to Date Advances in the Understanding of Autism

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

“Healing Our Autistic Children” is unique in that the author, Julie Buckley, is a pediatrician. She writes with the expertise, skill and knowledge of a medical practitioner with the passion of a mother’s heart. She reveals her own emotions of anger, sorrow, and guilt when her own daughter, Dani, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disease (ASDs) after being an active, growing, normal, happy child during her first four years. She shares how successful treatment of ASDs becomes a way of life.
Buckley’s writing is both technical and heartfelt. Her case studies, examples, and stories of actual patients are poignant and helpful. Her colorful analogies help the reader more easily grasp the treatment processes throughout the recovery of their autistic child and a resulting behavior modification.
Dr. Buckley is an advocate of biomedical intervention and explains the new developments in the diagnosis of autism. Researchers are finding that chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and toxicity are the cause of autism as in many diseases and that behavioral abnormalities socialization and communication problems are the signs or symptoms of the disease.
The book is arranged around a progression of treatment which involves six visits or steps in process. Each visit explains the progression of treatment and includes an action list to be completed before proceeding to the next level.
“Healing Our Autistic Children” is must reading for parents of victims diagnosed with autism spectrum disease. It is a valuable resource for pediatricians, health care providers, and educators. Dr. Julie A. Buckley is top in her field and offers parents a tool to help them implement a medical plan to restore their child’s health.

978-0230616394, Palgrave/Macmillan, 2009, 232 pages

This review is from: Healing Our Autistic Children: A Medical Plan for Restoring Your Child’s Health (Paperback)
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