Book Review: Prayer Changes Things, a Compilation by Beni Johnson

Prayer Changes Things: Taking your Life to the Next Prayer Level

By Beni Johnson

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 098-0768402995,  $ 15.99.  2012, 188 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

An Amazing Compilation of Effective Secrets for a Powerful Prayer Ministry

In “Prayer Changes Things: Taking your Life to the Next Prayer Level” Beni Johnson, co-senior pastor of Bethel Church, has compiled important secrets from the writings and lives of nine influential Christian leaders recognized for their example, understanding ,teaching, and exercising the power and authority of prayer in their ministry.

Beni Johnson’s role as overseer of Bethel’s intercessors and Pray House has given her keen insight into many facets of prayer. She discusses the role of personal righteousness in receiving answers to prayer, and gives the reader exciting glimpses into the deep communion, ecstasy, and experienced in the spirit realm by the Mystics, as well as examples of meditation leading to contemplative prayer.

I personally appreciated Don Nori Sr.’s practical lessons on interpreting the scriptures in light of the living word, and, James Gall’s discussion on Spirit empowered; Spirit led prayer, directed by the Holy Spirit. He also gave examples of intercessory prayers that plead the promises of God.

The book is formatted with the reader in mind, frequent side bars highlight important truths for ready  assimilation and inspirational quotes from classical writers on prayer, including: E. M. Bounds, Teresa of Avila, S. D. Gordon, Andrew Murray, and many others. Suezette Caldwell provides prayers and examples from the scriptures with references, accompanied with exercises assist the reader in drawing from the “Power Source.” Mahesh Chavda captures the life-changing benefits of fasting in a study from Isaiah 58.

“Prayer Changes Things” is power packed with practical lessons on “taking your life to the next level of prayer.”


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