Book Review: If We Survive by Andrew Klavan

If We SurviveIf We Survive

By: Andrew Klavan

Thomas Nelson, Inc.501 Nelson Place, Nashville, TN 37214, 978-1595547958, 2012, 342 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A Masterpiece of Action, Adventure, and Spine Tingling Suspense

Award winner author Andrew Klavan has produced another winner in “If We Survive.”  This is a young adult fiction novel filled with intrigue, revolution, jungle survival, Christian core values, adventure, and nonstop action. Klavan has a writing style that allows the reader to get into the “soul” of his characters, their thinking, their fears, opinions, biases, and values.

Sixteen year old Will Peterson relates the story of a volunteer short term mission project in Central America turned from a service motivated commission to a nightmare of horror as terrorists take over the country. Americans become targets as enemies of the new government and Will’s team find themselves in danger of imminent death. They are fire at by machine guns; then stalked by wild beasts and the danger of crocodiles and water snakes in the foaming white rapids over the rocks rushing toward the falls,  as they seek refuge in the density of the jungle.

Klavan’s characters grow and learn through their experiences as the plot progresses; they show maturity in judgment and trade cowardice for bravery when faced with difficult decisions requiring sacrifice and selflessness.

A reading guide is provided for group use.

This is a book for anyone who has ever volunteered for a short term mission project in a country where political may break out into a crisis of danger, fear and horror. “If We Survive” is a masterpiece of action, adventure, spine tingling suspense.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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