Book Review: Keys to PassingYour Spiritual Tests by Abraham John

Keys to Passing Your spiritual TestsKeys to Passing Your Spiritual Tests: Unlocking the Secrets to your Spiritual Promotion
By: Abraham John
Destiny Image Publications, Inc.
P. O. Box 310
Shippensburg, PA 172547-0310
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Practical Instruction in Meeting Spiritual Testing

“Keys to Passing Your Spiritual Tests” introduces, defines, and details: What is meant by spiritual tests, the purpose of these tests, Biblical examples of spiritual tests, and practical keys to victory through testing. I gained new insights and understanding in the areas of life where we may experience personal tests especially in areas of sickness and suffering, and from the specific tests learned by Moses throughout the wilderness years, the eight mistakes to avoid, and the seven tests David faced. I was impressed again with the need to allow the Holy Spirit to give us a right heart, teach us lessons of obedience, convict us of sin, and bring us to repentance as we grow in spiritual stability and move into spiritual maturity.

Author Abraham John encourages and strengthens Christians internationally through Maximum Impact Ministries equipping them for the ministry, church planting, and leadership and discipleship training. John’s writing is anointed, articulated, and authoritative.

“Keys to Passing Your Spiritual Tests” is rich and penetrating in unlocking insights into eternal truth through Biblical examples from the lives of Abraham, Moses, David, and many others. God’s principles and methods are presented in a way that reignites the desire for a fresh new encounter with the Lord.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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