Ryyme and Reason by Nan Baker – Book Review

Rhyme and ReasonRhyme and Reason

By Nan Baker

Create Space, 7290 BN Investment Drive, Charleston, S. C. 29418 – 978-1479393862, $ 25.00, 2012, 162 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A Compilation of Commentary, Inspiration and Insight from the Writings and Artwork of the Masters

Nan K. Baker unveils a spiritual understanding that transcends creeds, denominations, or sects. With a unique tongue in cheek humor she illustrates the irrelevance of religious trifles that brings a smile of recognition to the self -righteous Pharisee or hypocrite alike.

Baker masterfully intertwines selections of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, the poems of Emerson, Frost, Thoreau, Ibsen, and numerous others of the greats in her book, Rhyme and Reason.

Selections include her original poems and commentary with themes that elicit deep stirrings of justice, personal conviction, heartfelt empathy, and pathos. Nan writes with amazing insight into the nature of man, the character of God, and the disparity of the “great divide” between.

I only wish that an introduction would have been included that would give a hint to the richness of the depth of the content and the purpose behind the inspiration that brought this book into being.

Rhyme and Reason
is a book for lovers of literary writing, prose, poetry, or just plain common sense. It is a book for the tenderhearted or the skeptic, for readers, writers, the clergy, or the politician. Reading Rhyme and Reason will work its way into your regular routine as a companion, a unique friend.


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