Work Work Work by Nan Baker – A Book Review

By Nan Baker

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Nan Baker captivates and enchants her young audience by using a poetic story form that stirs the creative imagination of the reader. “Work, Work, Work” is a read aloud coloring book. The clever illustrations depict the action of the story and help the reader visualize the word pictures of the narrative.

The story features the hard working Cedric Mouse and his neglected, but faithful friend, Miss Mandy Mouse. Cedric’s hard work and enterprising activity pay dividends in financial reward and success for his factory called Chamberlin’s Shed. Cedric make a discovery – something is missing.

Settled by Henry Chamberlain in 1850 it was originally called Chamberlain’s Siding and later changed to Three Oaks. “Work, Work, Work” is a tribute to Henry Chamberlin. Dedicated to the hundreds of children Nan has taught, the book is written as a reminder to the citizens of the Three Oaks community and their children, and for the generations of children, yet to come of the importance of balancing hard work while putting friendship first.

It is my understanding that none of the original oak trees remain today. Although the oaks are gone Chamberlain’s solid brick home remains. According to Nan some say, “Behind the brick house stands a wooden shed.”


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