Praying for Your Addicted Loved One 90 In 90 by Sharron K. Cosby

Prayer for Your Addicted Loved OnePraying For Your Addicted Loved One 90 In 90
By: Sharron K. Cosby
BookJolt LLC
P. O. Box 1619, Auburn, Washington 98071
978-1624800719, $ 14.99, 2013, 296 pages
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Restoration Is Promised – A Parallel Journey

Praying for Your Addicted Loved One 90 in 90 offers a message of hope to individuals caught up in an addiction of self-destruction and to the family members and loved sharing in the accompanying suffering, pain, and hurt.

The 90 in 90 parallels the model set by 12 step programs encouraging addicts to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Readers are encouraged to read these daily devotionals over the same period of 90 days as an evidence of support.

Sharron Cosby shares in an honest transparency shares and insight into struggling with the addiction of a family member and examples of how others facing the same seemingly hopelessness they faced. Each of the daily devotionals include a promise or challenge from the scripture a brief narrative, a daily prayer, and a directed question for further thought or reflection with space provided for recording a personal response.

These messages of hope and encouragement offer helpful guidance in areas of:

• The process of relinquishment, restoration, and redemption
• Identifying with the anguish of the brokenhearted those crushed by a spirit of hopelessness
• Finding release and liberation from bondage to a life of wholeness
• A step by step road to recovery, a day by day road map for living
• A process for redirecting behavior
• Suggested guidelines for personalizing the scriptures

Praying for Your Addicted Loved One 90 in 90 provides a roadmap to restoration and with signposts for the journey.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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