40 Days to Fit and Fabulous with Praise Moves Laurette Willis – A Book Review

40 Days to Fit and Fabulous40 Days to Fit and Fabulous with Praise Moves

By: Laurette Willis

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 9780768442205, $ 24.99, 2013, 256 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A 40 Day Adventure through Faith to Fitness

40 Days to Fit and Fabulous with Praise Moves includes a Morning and Evening Devotional plan that combines “Praise Moves” created by Christian fitness facilitator Laurette Willis with a devotional guide book. Each day’s devotional includes a theme verse, a daily Bible reading, a brief devotional challenge, and a section for recording personal plans and action steps in response to contemplative insights discovered.

The DVD takes the participant through a series of easy to follow instructions for both Morning and evening workouts incorporating praise moves, stretching postures, and  highly motivating devotional thoughts; resulting in refreshing, emotional peace, spiritual renewal, and physical restoration. Beautiful background scenery adds an additional dimension to the calming effect of the body, soul, and spirit.

Willis has an uncanny giftedness for drawing the reader into taking that first step of “launching out into the deep” in connection with God’s purpose and presence. Her fitness tips offer practical suggestions for saving time, food preparation, healthy exercise, and reducing stress.

40 Days to Fit and Fabulous with Praise Moves combines faith and fitness to “super-charge” your spiritual life and your relationship with the Lord. Laurette Williams provides a blueprint for a new generation of Christians desirous of a focus on balancing physical fitness with spiritual wellbeing.

A complimentary review copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


Entangled – Starring Harrison III – A DVD Review

Entangled DVDEntangled – For Everything There is a Key

Harrison III

Destiny Image Films, Inc., 167 Walnut Bottom Rd., Suite 500,
Shippensburg, PA. 17257, 793573209986, $ 14.99, 2013, 1 DVD

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Illusion, Drama, Magic – Family Entertainment with a Message

Master illusionist Harris the III uses the principles of magic and the art of illusion to demonstrate how easily we are deceived by our perception or the things we think we see.

Harris narrates his story highlighting significant turning points that determined the purpose of his career path and his spiritual journey. Using the dramatic elements of good story telling, actual filmed stage performances, and a powerful stage presence Harris relates how, at the pinnacle of his career, his mentor challenged him to consider whether he himself had been deluded by his own success and was allowing pride to get in the way of accomplished his purpose.

After years of pursing success, working at building a career, gaining recognition, becoming rich, and acquiring an expensive home and luxury cars; Harris tells how he took an audacious step of faith, sold his posh house and expensive cars to answer God’s call to live a simplified life, reach out to the poor, and to fulfill his divine purpose, to deliver the message:  “The chain of deception has many locks – For everything there is a key.

The DVD Entangled – For Everything There is a Key combines illusion, magic and a dramatic story, with a strong evangelical appeal, providing quality family entertainment with a clear message.

A complimentary copy of this DVD was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.



Memory’s Door by James L. Rubart – A Book Review

Memorys DoorMemory’s Door: A Wellspring Novel

By James L. Rubart

Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, TN, 978140, 16861079, $ 15.99, 2013, 360 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Supernatural Battles, Prophetic Fulfillment, and a Quest for Freedom

Reese, Brandon, Dana, and Marcus, key characters from the earlier Well Spring Novel, Soul’s Gate, continue in their supernatural battle against the evil forces found in the realm of the spirit world. They are in a quest for supernatural freedom and on a mission to change the world.

In Memory’s Door, bestselling author, James L. Rubart captivates his readers with subterfuge, suspense, angelic beings, counterfeit spirits, as evil forces attack seeking to destroy the impact of the ministry of the band of Warriors Riding. The introduction of the Wolf leads to another prophetic fulfillment; through the unnerving effect of a stalker in the shadows, an overwhelming career, blindness, and confusion with alternate realities undermine and weaken the cause of and quest for spiritual freedom.

The fictional nature of the novel in no way hinders the forcefulness of Rubart’s message. The novel becomes a platform for his creative gift of storytelling to attract a unique audience with the reality of spiritual warfare and the promise of freedom from its bondage.

In Memory’s Door Rubart warns of the devastating effect of the poison of toxic memories of looking back on the past and past failures and brings a message of hope and freedom from regret.

Rubart’s writing is powerful, his message strong; his previous books are highly endorsed and recommended. Memory’s Door is no exception. Highly recommended.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Alzheimer’s 911 – Help, Hope, Helaing for the Caregiver by Frena Gray-Davidson – A Book Review

Alzheimers 911Alzheimer’s 911; Help, Hope, and Healing for the Caregiver

By Frena Gray-Davidson

Robert D. Reed Publishers, P. O. Box 1992, Bandon, Or 97411, 78-1934759141, $ 16.95, 2009, 192 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Fresh Perspectives on Caring for Individuals with   Dementia Behavior Patterns

Frena Gray-Davidson sheds light on the plight of anyone dealing with dementia and the devastating frustration and hopelessness that accompany the victims and caregivers impacted by the disease. In her book Alzheimer’s 911; Help, Hope, and Healing for the Caregiver, Davidson describes the behaviors of dementia in an effort to help the reader understand and interpret their own observations of a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Davidson sheds fresh perspectives on caregiving, the importance of flexibility, developing patience, nurturing compassion, and living in the present moment. She uses humorous personal anecdotes, spiritual insights, and practical pointers to encourage and empower the reader to successfully navigate the uncharted course in their journey through Dementia. Each chapter ends with a feature called A Life in Alzheimer’s Land which provides a unique glimpse into the mind of the person with Dementia.

I now have a better understanding of the components of a support system, the need for interdependence on others: family, friends, the church, and the community.

I found the chapter titled Forgiveness and Acceptance especially  helpful as it enabled me to look within myself to establish a new kind of relationship with my spouse; by recognizing the reality that I have a choice of accepting our situation or being trapped in a toxic attitude of pity and regret.

Alzheimer’s 911 is a must read for Dementia caregivers, family members and medical professionals. I plan to apply the principles, personally, add the book to my permanent library, make it available to my family members, and to re-read it often.


Deliverance from Toxic Memoies: Weapons to Overcome Destructive Though Patters in Your Life – A Book Review

Deliverance from Toxic MemoriesDeliverance from Toxic Memories: Weapons to Overcome Destructive Thought Patterns in Your Life

By Ken and Jeanne Harrington

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 978-0768403619, $ 16.99, 2313, 320 Pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake, richard330@yahoo.com


An Open Heart – An Expectant Spirit – Deliverance from Destructive Thought Patterns


In their book Deliverance from Toxic Memories – Weapons to Overcome Destructive Thought Patterns in Your Life Ken and Jeanne Harrington look at both the physical and spiritual components of memories; how they are formed, retrieved, and processed. The book is made up of three sections: Physical Aspects of Memory, Deliverance from Toxic Memories, and Preventing the Formation of Toxic Memories.


The Harrington’s emphasize that toxic memories are a perception and that it is important to take proactive steps to release fear, and erase the toxic memories of the past.  Their conclusions regarding the creation of changes in thought patterns, emotional responses and the resultant change in an individual’s personal circumstances suggests and encourages the reader to pursue an amazing exploration and discovery into the freedom that comes with healing from toxic memories.


A variety of schematics, illustrations, tables, photographs, compelling quotations, and topical titles enhance the presentation and format of the book adding valuable visual aids for a clearer grasp of understanding and assimilation of the complex information regarding the physiology of the brain and its relationship to the other body functions. Helpful “Keys” at the end of each chapter summarize in a few words the information and instruction provided within the chapter. Chapter endnotes and documentation verify the extensive research and provide the reader with additional resources for further study.


Deliverance from Toxic Memories provides proactive techniques to help the reader discover the freedom to fulfill their Divine destiny.


A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


Not the Way You Thought It Would Be by Glen L. Gibson – A Book Review

Not the Way You Thought It Would BeNot the Way You Thought It Would Be: Making Sense of the Journey of Faith

By: Glen L. Gibson

WinePress Publishing, 1730 Railroad Street, Enumclaw, WA 98022, 978-1606152386, $ 15.99, 2013, 248 Pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

An Invitation to a Vicarious Adventure through Abraham’s Journey of Faith


Glen L. Gibson’s Not the Way You Thought It Would Be  leads the reader in an exhilarating vicarious journey of faith through the life Abraham from the book of Genesis, chapters 11 through 25; including God’s invitation to obedient faith through to Abraham’s passing the torch and finishing strong.


Gibson’s personal experiences and contemporary stories validate and strengthen the relevance and application of these lessons and principles from the Old Testament scripture. The chapters dealing with Choices and Consequences, Faith in Balance, and Addressing the Weak Spots offer specific challenges to the authenticity of our faith.


The “Questions for Reflection and Group Discussion” enhance the value of the book as they serve as an important study guide for personal thoughtful contemplation and stimulating group discussion.


Regardless of the juncture of your journey of faith you will find valuable guidelines and helpful direction for meeting the difficult questions of purpose, facing temptation, coping with trials, moving forward toward a deepening understanding of God’s grace. Not the Way You Thought It Would Be offers positive motivation and guidance for a strong finish in your spiritual journey.


A complimentary copy of the book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Dr. Bob’s 1 Minute a Day to A Healthier You by Dr. Robert DeMaria – A Book Review

One Minute A Day To A Healthier YouOne Minute a Day to a Healthier You

By: Dr. Robert DeMaria

Destiny Image Publisher, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17258, 978-07638403633, $ 12.99, 2013, 366 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Natural, Biblical, Health Principles for Optimal Wellbeing

Robert F. DeMaria, DC, DABCO is highly recognized globally for his contribution to alternative health solutions. He is known as “the Drugless Doctor,” as well as for the Dr. Bob’s Guide to Health series. In 1 Minute a Day to a Healthier You; Dr. Bob provides the reader with an inspirational daily devotional guide with practical principals for developing a regular one minute a day plan for a lifestyle of healthy living.

Each of the 365 daily readings include a carefully selected scripture, practical instruction, a challenge to action, or a recipe for insuring enjoyable meals that contribute to experiencing a lifetime of good health. Dr. Bob includes warning signs, and foods to avoid; from fat craving snack food to trans-fat, and sugar loaded sweets.

Dr. Bob submits plans for designing delicious healthy menus, enjoyable exercise regimes, and inspirational motivation for positive attitudes that contribute to a healthier you. Some of the readings that captured my attention included titles like: “Lessons Learned from Mummies,” “Detective Work,” and “Swine, Go Swimming.” Compact in size, chock-full in content; One Minute a Day to a Healthier You comprises wide-ranging guidelines, motivational tips, Biblical principles, and instructional teaching which emphasize positive action steps, proven prevention measures, empowerment to follow through with your personal plan for happier, healthier living in the years ahead.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


Spiritual Disciplines of a C. H. R. I. S. T. I. A. N. – by Gil Stieglitz – A Book Review

Spiritual Disciplines of a ChristianSpiritual Disciplines of a C. H. R. I. S. T. I. A. N. – Intensive Training in Christian Spirituality

By: Gil Stieglitz

Thriving Churches Int’l, Inc.

1625 State Route 88, No. 401

Minden, Nevada 89423

978-0983195818, $ 16.69, 2011, 254 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake


Nine Essential Disciplines to Healthy Spiritual Growth


Dr. Gil Stieglitz, author, pastor, seminary professor, and church consultant maintains that in the same way that physical and social discipline has become a part of your life spiritual disciplines are a normal part of the process of holiness.

He uses the word CHRISTIAN to identify nine spiritual disciplines essential in a program of intensive training in Christian spirituality prerequisites for developing a deeper relationship with God. Each of the letters captures or characterizes common elements that may include a combination of disciplines.


The “C” for confessions includes personal and group confession.  A reader friendly format includes instructional guidelines, lists, and suggested prayers, and spiritual exercises.  The “H” represents the Holy Spirit and provides information on the role of the Holy Spirit in providing guidance, and in producing Christ like qualities. Each of the remaining letters of the acrostic follows a similar pattern.


I found the chapters dealing with “Interaction” especially significant. Stieglitz included Bible study and prayer under this heading. I also found the topics of “Repetition” (Memorization and Meditation) and “Togetherness which included worship and fellowship to be extremely helpful.


Spiritual Disciplines of a C. H. R. I. S. T. I. A. N. – Intensive Training in Christian Spirituality is written for those who are seeking a deeper level of the presence of the Lord in their lives. Practicing the disciplines outlined in the book will require change in the reader and guide them into a new awareness of the presence of God throughout their life and in their spiritual journey.


A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.





How Do We Say Goodbye by Nan Baker – A Book Review

How Do You Say GoodbyeHow Do You Say Goodbye

By: Nan Baker with Original Oil Paintings by Vincent

Nan Baker Books, P. O. Box 603, Union Pier, MI 49129

978-1483914886, $ 25.00, 2013, 80 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

From Boater’s Log to Literary Art Form

In her own inimitable poetic verse, Nan Baker captures the contrast of the naïve   hope of the eternal optimist and the cunning shrewdness of the opportunist in her poem “Seven Coats of Varnish on the Teak,” A lesson about how not to buy a boat. Baker creates a unique pattern of poetic images that take form in humorous word pictures which describe the inevitable tragedy often found in comedic drama.

Baker brings into her writing a reality and authenticity of raw emotion and excitement as she reflects on memories of life at sea with Jim. She writes of the feelings of silence and solitude of the night in her poem “The Silent Sea.”

Vincent’s painting beautifully captures the feelings of the poem using contrasting shades of blue with reflections of light; the glimmer of the moon and the flicker of starlight in his illustration of “the mystical calm of the ocean” and “myriad of stars in the sky.”

How Do You Say Goodbye is Baker’s tribute to all boaters, to Jim, the love of her life and his love for the sea, using poetic verse to tell the stories of their shared experiences cruising the Louisiana bayous and adventures sailing on the Gulf, Mobile Bay, the Tennessee River and, more.

Baker’s writing is sensitive, genuinely engaging, creative, and highly entertaining.

How Do You Say Goodbye is filled with wit, wisdom, and insight. Highly recommended.


Mylo by Sheila Jaxland, Illustrated by Victor Guiza – A Book Review


By: Sheila Jaxland with illustrations by Victor Guiza

Outskirts Press, 10940 S. Parker Rd -515, Parker, CO 80134

978-0578126029, $ 18.95, 2013, 32 Pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Mylo’s Destiny – A Journey with Jesus from His Birth to His Resurrection and Ascension

Sheila Jaxland tells Mylo’s story in her book by that name. Mylo, a donkey colt, abandoned by his owner, feels sad and useless, alone in the middle of the Sinai Desert. Victor Guiza captures the feeling of the heat, dryness and vastness of the wide expanse of the arid Sinai desert and the hopelessness of the circumstances surrounding Mylo’s situation in his full color illustrations. The brightness of the background highlight the sudden alertness of Mylo as depicted by a sense of listening, revealed in the brightness of his eyes upright ears as he listens for the voice of God instructing him in with the plan and purpose for his destiny.

Sheila Jaxland delightful story tells of the Mylo’s obedience to the call of God. This imaginary story of Mylo follows the time line of the Biblical account of Joseph and Mary on the road to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus, his years in Galilee, his baptism by John, his ministry and message of the Gospel leading up to the day Jesus rode on his back through the streets of Jerusalem as his followers carpeted his path with palm branches proclaiming Him as their king.

A week later Mylo was nearby as Judas, one of the twelve, betrayed Jesus with a kiss as a sign to a crowd of soldiers, who arrest him. He follows Jesus as he is taken to the cross to be crucified. He is there to see the empty tomb and later to see his ascension.

Guiza’s colorful paintings illustrate each of these important scenes from the life of Christ and bring Sheila’s narrative to life. Sheila’s love for animals, children, and for Jesus come through in her sensitivity and heartwarming writing style.

Mylo is ideal for gift giving as the Christmas season approaches as well as for any other occasion. Parents will be blessed as their children follow along with the powerful story and as the pictures come alive on the page. Highly recommended.

A copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.