Walking in Supernatural Healing Power – A Book Review

Walking in Supernatural Healing PowerPowerful Testimonies of God’s Healing Power of God

Walking in Supernatural Healing Power is a source of inspiration and encouragement, a refreshing message of partnering with God in his miraculous power, in the midst of a world filled with misery, pain, sorrow, and heartache. Chris Gore captures the essence of the difference between “working for God’s love,” and “working from God’s love.”

Chris Gore is clearly a practitioner of the message he preaches. He tackles tough questions head on, models important core values of the scriptures, and demonstrates a passion for God and a heart for ministry through his writing. The testimonies and stories he shares are inspirational, instructional, and often related in an humorous and entertaining manner. His own personal testimony is woven throughout the book, and helps the reader understand his reliance on the nature of the character of God, his love, goodness, grace, power, and majesty, as the source behind his healing ministry.

The story of his daughter Hope is a reminder that God’s love is bigger than our circumstances or of our understanding; it is this love that empowers us by grace, through thanksgiving and humility to see the incredible power God working through us.

Walking in Supernatural Healing Power is an incredible reminder that every Christian is walking with untapped healing power within – through the power of the indwelling Christ.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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