Christmas Party Woodland Terrace 2013

Last evening Woodland Terrace sponsored a Christmas Party for all of their residents and their families.

There were 15 of us that joined Thelma for the Christmas Dinner they had prepared for all of us. There was a spirit

of excitement and celebration in the air. Festive decorations, Christmas sweaters, and bright colored clothes added

a touch to the gala occasion. The picture above gathered around the Christmas tree for a picture with Santa Claus,

Mrs. Claus, and one of their faithful elves after they had delivered toys to the Sinai, Kate, Tane, and Lucy. Jack

was too small to take part, however note that he’s included in the picture in Seth’s arms, just above Meredith’s

Thelma enjoyed every minute, she wanted to stop time, and savor the moments.


It is time like this that alert us to the gift of family, the bond of love, and the innocence of children. May we hold

on to these moments as we join together to celebrate together the birth of Jesus, our Savior, the promised Messiah,

and coming King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.


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