The Tempest Murders by p. m. terrell – A Book Review

The Tempest Murders
By P. M. Terrell
Drake Valley Press, Richmond, VA
978-193970163, $ 16.95, 2013, 272 pagesThe Tempest Murders
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,

Creatively Imaginative, Technically Informative, Superbly Entertaining

P. M. Terrell skillfully combines the elements of suspense, intrigue, romance, and the unsettling sense of de JA vu in her book “The Tempest Series.” Stories of a tragic series of murders five generations earlier and a lifetime of disturbing nightmares introduce the plot of this fast moving adventure novel.

The suspense builds as Detective Ryan O’Clery matches wits with a serial killer bent on revenge. Hurricane Irene is on a course of destruction moving toward the eastern coast of North Carolina when O’Clery discovers the journal of an uncle describing the Night of the Big Wind in Ireland in 1839 which also includes an account of a series of murders leading to the death of Caitlin O’Conner.

When Cathleen Reilly, who has covered the recent murders of four women in Atlanta arrives on the scene in Lumberton; O’Clery is confronted with the similarities of the current crime scenes with those in Ireland 200 years earlier.
Romance, action and suspense escalate as Hurricane Irene ravages the North Carolina coastline.

Terrell’s writing is absorbing, brilliant in scope, classic in style, with a hard driving action plot, and unique in the personality development of resilient, believable characters. Readers will appreciate her board insights into police procedure and human nature, and word pictures and descriptions that create vivid visual perceptions of the setting, action, and the climatic uncertainty of the outcome of the fast moving complex plot.

“The Tempest Murders” is destined to become another award winner for this already established internationally acclaimed author.

A complimentary copy of the book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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