While the Lambs Slept by Randy Johnson – A Book Review

While the Lambs Slept
By Randy Johnson
WinePress Publishing
P O Box 428, While the Lambs SleptEnumclaw, WA 98022, 978-1414121963, $ 20.99, 2013
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A Cutting Edge Suspense Thriller with a Message

Randy Johnson captures the essence of God’s redeeming grace in his novel “While the Lambs Slept.” Johnson skillfully weaves the broken lives of his characters through the steps of forgiveness and acceptance through a building of relationships and establishing community.

Johnson’s personal awareness of law enforcement and parole procedures, and mentoring programs bring credibility and reality to his writing. A complex plot, well developed characters, and sensitivity in handling behavioral issues and social mores add a dimension of inspiration and soul searching reality to this work of fiction.

The writer of Christian fiction is faced with the challenge of writing for three diverse audiences; Christian readers looking for entertainment with an evangelistic slant, the sincere seeker looking for entertainment hoping to find spiritual answers, and the secular reader looking for a well written story.

Many Christian authors pattern their style, physical descriptions, dialog, and language with successful secular authors writing in their genre. They may include a compromised Christian message. Other authors may have all the elements of a good story but become preachy or may take their readers down rabbit trails of theology. Johnson has found a balance by developing character traits that manifest Christian love, forgiveness, and a lifestyle that portrays the virtue of genuine goodness.

“While the Lambs Slept” is a dramatic story, an action packed page turner that elicits empathy, awareness, and a commitment to reach out to broken and hurting individuals with nonjudgmental acceptance.

A complimentary copy of the book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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