The Illusion of More – The Trick to Finding Faith in a World of Deception – By Harris III and Barton Green

The Illusion of MoreThe Illusion of More – The Trick to Finding Faith in World of Deception
By: Harris III with Barton Green
Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257
978-0768404043, $ 12.99, 2014, 114 pages
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Lucifer’s Tactics, Trickery, and Deception

Master illusionist Harris III collaborates with Barton Green in this remarkable story of Lucifer’s illusion that he could become equal with God. He shows how Satan formed the seed thoughts in Eve’s mind of separation, fear, deception, doubt, and the illusion of being satisfied with more.

Harris uses the principles of magic and the art of illusion to demonstrate how easily we are deceived by our perception of the things we think we see. He helps the reader get a new perspective on Satan’s tactic of deception. He helps the reader discover the secret of finding peace and satisfaction through truth, “dispelling all doubt, removing all fear… and the illusion of more.”

Whenever I read a book focusing on spiritual growth, I like to determine the author’s intended take away and then adapt it for personal application. Harris provides a tool for this through the use of reflective questions at the end of each chapter. These profound questions can be soul searching, and life changing. I found the thought provoking summary sentences worthy of reflection, application, and assimilation.

Harris is a gifted story teller. He is articulate, writes with simplicity and clarity, as he uncovers Satan’s fraud to reveal truth. “The Illusion of More” is highly endorsed by recognized Christian ministry leaders

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.



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