Be the Vet – 7 Dog & Cat Stories – Test Your Veterinary Knowledge by Dr. Ed and Marcy Blesy

Be the VetBe the Vet – 7 Dog and Cat Stories – Test Your Veterinary Knowledge
By: Dr. Ed Blesy and Marcy Blesy
9780615930046, $ 7.99, 2013, 50 pages
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

An Entertaining Teaching Tool for Pet Lovers

Seasoned veterinary Dr. Ed Blesy and his wife Marcy collaborate in “Be the Vet” a unique concept of heart- touching stories, creative diagnostic assignments for readers ages 9 – 13, with informative recommended treatment plans.

Each of the seven stories features an incident where a family pet has an unexpected medical emergency and the need for a veterinarian. Marcy is a gifted story teller. Her writing is sensitive and age appropriate, stimulating creative curiosity and empathic compassion from her readers.

I became very interested in Jingle the cat’s story. Although Jingle was eating the same amount of food she was losing weight. The family noted she was drinking a lot more water than usual. They made a call to the Vet. Lab tests revealed that Jingle had high levels of glucose and was diagnosed with Diabetes. Her treatment called for insulin shots similar to many people who have Diabetes. It is hard to think of a small kitten or other small animal being susceptible to things like Diabetes, kidney, or gland problems.

The “if you were a veterinarian” exercise provides an opportunity for the child to think through on the extent of the injury or sickness revealed in each scenario. Dr. Blesy carefully lays out the steps involved in determining the pets (patient’s) history, assessment procedure, and treatment plan.

This assessment plan is presented in a professional style (not dumbed down for kids) however, unfamiliar words are explained so that the process is understandable. Parents may need to assist younger readers in some instances. “Be the Vet” takes the mystery, fear, and panic out of calling for medical help for family pets when needed and introduces the veterinarian as a friend of the family.

“Be the Vet – 7 Dog and Cat Stories – Test Your Veterinary Knowledge” is an entertaining teaching tool for pet lovers. Highly recommended.



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