Citizen, Your Role in the Alternative Kingdom by Rob Peabody – A Book Review

Citizen, Your Role in the Alternative Kingdom
By: Rob Peabody
Monarch Books, Lion Hudson plc
Oxford OX2 8DR, England
97805721-542-0, $ 14.99, 2014, 192 Pages
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

An Awakening to a New Perspective on Following Jesus

Rob Peabody invites his reader to join in an Awakening Movement of Christians around the world willing to live in complete abandonment to Jesus. This abandonment will require “a reimagining of your life, a repositioning of what you value, a re-identifying of who you are, and recentering on the true King of the universe Himself.” This calls for radical living, honoring Jesus from Monday to Saturday in every area of life, not just for an hour on Sunday.

I appreciate Rob’s keen articulate communication style, sharp focus, and descriptive word choices. He is well read, powerfully articulate; his resources, background study, and research are carefully documented. His illustrations, stories, and examples are relevant, and I enjoyed his subtle humor. I found the book to be a wakeup call to the dangers of: losing focus and falling into the trap of living a tradition functional Church life. I was reminded of the importance of being part of a unified community recognizing the impact of today globalization on our culture, traditions, and identity. He also challenges the reader to work together with what the Holy Spirit is already doing around you and to take risks to accomplish Kingdom purposes.

“Citizen” is a book for anyone experiencing “a Holy discontentment” longing to be transformed to permeate Jesus throughout their being; strongly recommended for “Vision-Casters and Kingdom Breakers,” those seeking to “live out Jesus’ way of life among people who are far from God who would never set foot in a traditional church.”

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

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