The Quincy Solution by Barry Goldstein – A Book Review

The Quincy Solution

By: Barry Goldstein

Robert D. Reed Publishers P.O. Box 1392

Bandon, Oregon 97411

978-134759868, $ 19.95, 2014, 296 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake


The Quincy SolutionA Shocking Expose of Domestic Violence in America


In “The Quincy Solution” Barry Goldstein alerts the reader with a new awareness of the extent of the problems created as a result of the attention given on sexual violence wife and child abuse in the home and of the need for reformation our legal systems,  investigative  practices, and in prejudices in courts custody decisions.


Goldstein provides a brief background and history of domestic violence, inequalities between the sexes, and the lack of calling on expert testimony by the courts and the prevailing sense of “it can’t be changed” revealing how we live in a society that ignores or tolerates rather than protects the victims of domestic violence. He goes on to introduces the Quincy Model which focuses on risk assessment and victim safety in cooperation with law enforcement personnel, the courts, and experts in the field of Domestic Violence.


Quincy, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb, in Norfolk County became alarmed by the rate of homicides directly related to domestic violence cases. This led to the development and implementation of a model of best practices which dramatically reduced these homicides annually.


Goldstein writes with clarity is fervent, articulate and comprehensive. He presents compelling case studies with analysis leading to conclusions worthy of consideration and putting into practice.


“The Quincy Solution” is timely, relevant, must reading for judges, lawyers, and Domestic Violence evaluators.


A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purpose. Opinions expressed are my own.





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