Jesus Culture by Banning Liebscher – A Book Review

Jesus Culture: Calling a Generation to Revival

By Banning Liebscher

Destiny Image Publisher, Inc. P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257-0310

978-0768405378, $ 16.99, 2015, 220 Pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Revelation, Relevancy, and Reformation for a New Breed of Revivalists

In his book “Jesus Culture: Calling a Generation to Revival” Banning Liebscher begins by describing what a new breed of revivalists looks like and how we are living in the greatest hour of history. He draws lessons from the relationship of Moses’ authority and Joshua’s courage to illustrate the importance of spiritual covering and the power of alignment in ministry. He goes on to introduce the reader to God’s extravagant love and how we can ignite revival fires across the world. He challenges the reader to see the connection of a life of prayer and a life of power. In the final chapters he calls the reader to accept responsibility, and the role of “risk taking” in the realm of the supernatural.

He tells the story of God’s call on his life, of his childhood salvation experience, of a teenage encounter with Jesus, and of being overwhelmed with a sense of gratefulness for God’s presence, of his anointing, and of being captivated with Jesus.

Banning describes a wholehearted consecration to prayer and revival, and of the strong desire to join others for the purpose uniting together on the “brink of a new wave of global revival; fanning the flames of revival” He tells how God used prophetic words, revelation, and dreams to call him to raise up and guide a new breed of revivalists: a generation of anointed revivalists, a remnant raised up to change the course of history.

I was deeply moved by Banning’s articulate/word patterns and fervor as he describes the new revivalist, as burning ones (igniting fires) abiding in the love of Jesus and burning with passion for Him.

The book is filled with wisdom for life, insights into scripture, and keys for successful and victorious living. Banning discusses cultivating God ordained relationships, unity and discernment. Banning brings a message of life changing principles written with authority and passion. Each chapter includes profound questions which stimulate (awaken) self-examination, commitment, and a challenge to wholehearted living

Page after page Banning conveys a sense of urgency for a new focus to individual destiny, and to pursing holiness with a new passion. Banning’s writing draws the reader in with an irresistible power and contagious sense of expectancy. He has convinced me that we are living in “the greatest hour of history.”

“Jesus Culture: Calling a Generation to Revival” is a book for anyone passionately desirous of seeing supernatural power released through their life.

A copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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