Clandestine – The CIA, a secret Partnership, and an Alliance to Topple a Government – A Book Review

Clandestine – The CIA, a Secret Partnership, and an Alliance to Topple a Government

By: Stella Francis Faulkes

Rock Creek House, 554 Mahard Drive, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301, 978-0996510202, $ 10.99, 2015, 260 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Political Intrigue, Suspense in a Power Struggle between Labor Unions, Government Agencies and Humane Ideologies

In “Clandestine” Stella Francis Faulkes carefully introduces background material to establish a complex plot of international politics, government duplicity, maneuvers to counter attach terrorists, the Muslim brotherhood, and other extremists in an effort to gain dominance in the leadership of a one world government, in the guise of embassy business.

Andy Wayne, protagonist, an outstanding agent for Center for Labor Unity (CLU) is on assignment in Venezuela to bait and incite a revolution against their new president; who has overtaken oil operations belonging to U. S. companies, Joyia Gabreille, a stunning representative of Brazil’s national union, and Dane Sinclair, a seasoned operative, willing to resort to violence to get desired results, are assigned to aide Any in the effort.

Behind the scenes Ezekiel Jones and Koshka Whitehall, the CIA/ CLU, and Peter Abercrombie, President Barnard Christophe’s chief of staff, in an effort to divert adverse attention on the Venezuelan uprising before it starts;  contract Denise Menon, a former CIA agent, and freelance assassin, to  eliminate Andy Wayne, permanently.

Faulkes is careful to provide a balance of background information in an effort to set the scene for the story line.

Her multifaceted characters are believable. Her plot is complex with fast moving action and cutting edge themes of political intrigue, international economy and trade agreements, civil unrest, and revolutionary movements.

“Clandestine,” has potential to become a trilogy, with movie possibilities, or as a TV series and is destined to establish Stella Francis Faulkes as an award winning author bestselling author.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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