Ultimate Hindsight by Jim Stovall – A Book Review

Ultimate Hindsight – Wisdom from 100 Super Achievers, By: Jim Stovall

Sound Wisdom, P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 978-0768409611, $ 21.95, 2015, 272 Pages

Reviewed By: Richard R.

Hindsight – Personal Perspectives on Success – Looking Back – As seen through the Rear View Mirror

In “The Ultimate Hindsight,” New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Stovall has compiled compelling observations on success taken from personal interviews and correspondence with 100 super achievers, men and women recognized for their successful career accomplishments in the fields of entertainment, sports, business, medicine, law, the military, education, and religion; as well as everyday heroes who have become overcomers, meeting life’s challenges, and coming out on top.

In his interviews and correspondence Stovall asked for insight from his respondents in answer to questions of this nature: What are your thoughts on hindsight and what you learned from it that helped lead to your success? What is your viewpoint of success? What does success and happiness mean to you personally?  And what do you want to be remembered for?

I was deeply moved by many of the stories that accompanied these responses and how unique influences, experiences, and circumstances the established the life patterns and habits that determined the direction behind each success story.

In the process of reading the book, I noted there were various combinations of core values appearing within three or more responses. I began to filter these through my own set of values, goals, and the things that give me a sense of accomplishment, and satisfaction, that in turn make a contribution to others. Some of these are pursuits that have already become important to me. Others I want to incorporate as additional foundation stones in my own appraisal of success.

A passion for following my dreams, making the most of the moment, and enjoying the journey are all noble goals to pursue. Add to this perseverance, a positive attitude, a persistent faith, and enthusiasm for hard work. Other guidelines include: keep your priorities in order, make a difference, impact others, keep learning from life, obey God and count your blessings. I would like to be remembered as a man of character, integrity, generous, humble and compassionate.

Jim Stovall’s life models the lessons he has learned from his association with these leaders and influencers. Readers of all stages in life, and career fields, or those experiencing unique difficulties and circumnutates will be challenged, inspired, and motivated to learn from the “Ultimate Hindsight” and wisdom from Jim Stovall’s “100 super achievers.”

A complimentary copy of this book was received for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.




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