Dead Men Don’t Leave Tips: Adventures X Africa

By Brandon Wilson

Publisher: Pilgrim’s Tales, Inc.  978-0977053650, $ 14.95, 2005, 280 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,

Africa, An Amazing Journey

Wilson’s acerbic humor and amusing antidotes relieve the personal tension that arises from twenty-three unlikely characters being thrown together for a five month journey into the heart of Africa. Brandon describes their truck transport as an “enormous overland Dutch oven.”

The author’s word pictures and phrases created images so real I felt I was present with him on the summit when he said, “Hundreds of feet above the Lilliputian village, impressive dunes stretched miles behind us, as far as eye could see. Down below a cluster of palms looked like tiny drink umbrellas poked into a sandbox.” At that moment I had a sense of the immensity of the Sahara desert.

Wilson’s flair for artistry is also revealed in the results of his “photo stalking”. Twenty pages of exquisite photos add another dimension to Wilson’s narrative and reveal the breathtaking beauty of Africa’s diverse scenic wonders. Other photos are of wildlife taken in the jungles of Africa. Prize photos portraying African natives endear the reader to the human side of this troubled continent in turmoil and transition.

Speed reading this book was out of the question. I did not want to miss a single word or nuance of meaning in Wilson’s steady flow of language magic.

Brandon Wilson is gifted with powers of observation and a rich command of language. I found his writing to be both moving and powerful. Extraordinary!



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