Nurturing Community through Adult Bible Fellowships

My Monday Musing – January 25th

Nurturing Community through Adult Bible Fellowships

What a blessing it is to look forward to Sunday Morning Worship with the body of Christ at Woodland Shores Baptist Church…and to be a part of the ABF team.

In our ABF Manual (Growing Adults on Sunday Morning) Pastor Knute encourages us to look at our ABF classes as a step beyond traditional, adult Sunday School classes and to see them as “a congregation within a congregation” providing:

• Organized Fellowship
• Defined Caring
• Accountability in Ministry
• Teaching Time, and
• Outreach Opportunities

I count it a privilege to be a involved with the members of the Legacy Class as we have intentionally been incorporating these principles.

Even with the shaky start during the month of January, due to the icy roads, wind and snow on two consecutive Sundays; as I talk with Teachers, Leaders, and members of others classes, I am getting an overall sense of encouragement as they move forward as a class in accomplishing these same goals.

Pastor Craig’s sermon from chapter four of Mark provided insight into the Parables of Jesus. We examined these verses in our ABF classes to make more specific application to our lives.

“…He who has ears to hear, let him hear” the words of Jesus from Mark 4:9


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