The Other Side of Heaven – An After Death Experience by Russ A. and Virginia G. Vassallo – A Book Review

The Other Side of Heaven – An After Death Experience

By: Russel A. and Virginia G. Vassallo

Krazy Duck Productions, Liberty, 2227 Woods Creek Rd, Kentucky 42539

978-0996162210, $ 26.00, 2015, 372 Pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A Life and Death Heartwarming Story of Love Threatened by Misunderstanding, Insecurity, and Resentment

In their book “The Other Side of Heaven – An After Death Experience” Russ and Virginia Vassallo provide inspiration and encouragement to readers experiencing suffering and pain that comes with the uncertainty and devastation of losing a loved one and the imminence of death.

Russ’ account is reflective and autobiographical; not necessarily chronological, sometimes humorous, often profound, with a lot of insight, and stimulating unanswered questions. Virginia’s story ties together some loose ends in an orderly sequence of events and adds a positive perspective on some issues needing resolution or closure while finding purpose to the uncertainties of the relational misunderstanding introduced in Russ’s narrative.

As the hours turn to days and the days to weeks, in the hospital, Russ’ thoughts turn inward.  On more than one occasion his heart stopped, while clinically dead Russ envisions a glimpse of heaven. He tells of conversations with his guardian angel Malcius and with Jesus. He describes heaven as a place of mist, just out of sight, where all the loved ones of God reside, a place of peace and harmony.

In a brutally honest openness  Russ relates the indelible imprint of parental neglect and the needless negative input and verbal abuse led to disappointment, insecurity, and a low self-esteem that led to misunderstanding, resentment, and mistrust in his expectations of Virginia’s love. He relates the impact of his culture and relives the anguish resulting from resentment and thoughts of vengeance.

Stories of growing up in Newark, of relatives linked to the mafia, of his days as a successful lawyer and bring back wonderful memories of the past which are linked together with recurring themes of a fierce determination for justice, his inability to see his own value, questions as to why he was spared from death and entering heaven, and of finding purpose and solace in the rituals of the church.

“The Other Side of Heaven – An After Death Experience” is a beautiful story of finding love, redemption, and peace; an inspirational journey, filled with encouragement for the reader “homesick” for healing memories of the past.

A complimentary copy of the book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.





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