The Jerusalem Secret by Ron Cantor – A Book Review

The Jerusalem Secret – Identity Theft Series – Book Two

By: Ron Cantor

Destiny Image Publishing, Inc., 978-0768409260,  $ 15.99, 2016, 304 Pages

God’s Unfolding Plan – Revealing Jewish Roots in the Ne

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

God’s Unfolding Plan – Revealing Jewish Roots in the New Covenant, the Message of Yeshua and Christian Messianic Judaism

“The Jerusalem Secret” opens where “Identity Theft” left off. David Lebowitz, a young and successful journalist has progressed from skeptic to seeker, becoming a believer that Yeshua is the promised Messiah. Just as the implications of what it means to be a follower of Yeshua are becoming clear, David gets the news that his father has been taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

As David sits by his father’s bedside, grasping his hand he begins a prayer “In the name of Yeshua” he suddenly finds he has being transported into the heavenly realm; standing in a large bright room in the presence of the angel Ariel, his angelic guide and companion, in earlier supernatural experiences.

Ariel informs David that he has been summoned for a purpose; he is to take the message of Yeshua to the current generation of Jews and non-Jews to awaken Israel to errors prevalent in religious teaching and practice today. Ariel immediately begins a training program that takes David back into history-shaping events and the prophecies of Isaiah, Daniel, and other Old Testament prophets.

David is than supernaturally taken back in time to Jerusalem and Rome to learn directly from the Apostles Paul, and James, and from other early disciples, of the culture, religious, and political environment of the day and the implications this had on the writing of the scriptures in the original Jewish context to better understand the questions raised and issues being addressed.

Although Cantor is using the medium of fiction as a platform, his research into the background sources are thorough and well documented in his chapter endnotes. I have been personal challenged recently to be more intentional about my verbal my sharing of the Gospel message. While reading the book I have had several open doors for dialog on the Jerusalem secret and message of Yeshua.

“The Jerusalem Secret” must reading for all those seeking clarification and a better understanding of the mission and message of Christian Messianic Judaism.




Drones Over Machu Picchu by Edward Curry – A Book Review

Drones Over Machu Picchu – An Inca Mystery

By Edward Curry

Create Space, Merlin and Associates, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, 978-0692031940, $ 15.00, 2016, 252 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Ancient Inca History Discovered using the Latest in Modern Technology

Fans of Edward Curry’s earlier adventure novels of the Maya and Inca peoples will be eager to “Drones Over Machu Picchu,” number 5 in the Maya – Inca book series.

James Hamilton, president of Smithsonian, has commissioned Allie Lea Keshaw, executive vice president of Smithsonian’s explorations, to lead an archaeological team to explore the ancient Inca artifacts at the Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum of Lima, Peru. Allie Lea’s husband Ryan Keshaw, owner of RK Consulting, initiates a plan to extend the assignment to include the Smithsonian’s ALSM drone specialists in a search for the burial chamber and final resting place of the great Saba Inca leader Pachacuti and for priceless Inca artifacts.

Detailed introductions of the characters and the role each of them will play are narrated by protagonist Ryan Keshaw. This is done through a series of fast-moving chatty dialog, family banter, and sometimes cryptic conversations. Throughout the character development Curry provides a hint of danger, suspense, and a mystical foreboding.

Once this foundation is in place, the pace picks up and develops into a page-turning plot, adding new insight and perspective into the ancient Inca and their society, including traits of brutality and the barbaric practice of pagan human sacrifice. In addition to strong plot and a cast of believable characters Curry brings ancient historical accuracy in a modern technical thriller that builds anticipation of danger, and a sense of mystery, intrigue and romance.

Curry has done extensive research into the arts, astrology, and ethos of the ancient Inca as well as their enlightened leadership, amazing construction skills, insight into astronomy and the agrarian process. This combination of extensive research, a creative imagination, and a thorough grasp of the elements of a well-crafted novel assures the reader of an enjoyable reading experience and genuine literary entertainment

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.





Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks by G. Prick Vennebush – A Book Review

Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

By: G. Patrick Vennebush

Robert D. Reed Publishers, P. O. Box 1992, Bandon, OR 97411

978-1934759486, $ 11.95, 2010, 120 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A Dose of Healthy Humor, Laugh Out Loud Jokes, and Knee Slapping Fun

“Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks” is a collection of funny jokes. Some are written for kids under the age of 10, some for preteen, others for teens or young adults, and still others for an adult audience. For the greatest effectiveness the appropriateness of time, place, and audience of the joke must be kept in mind. G. Patrick Vennebush has arranged the jokes in “Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks” accordingly, by level of difficulty, from the youngest math student to an advanced math major, or the professional mathematician

The selections range from daffy definitions and pertinent puns, to one liner, and graphic jokes. I especially enjoyed the sections titled “Same Question – Different Answers” and “Professions.” The book is must read for math instructors, home school parents, math tutors, and other math fanatics.

Patrick Vennebush is recognized for his leadership in managing online projects for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He promotes the idea that the use of humor can be a valuable resource for teachers to stimulate learning, elicit attention in the classroom, for breaking the ice in presentations, and a source of injecting humor into social conversations.

“Math Jokes4 Mathy Folks” is endorsed by university math professors, elementary, middle school, and high school math teachers, and award winning authors. Highly acclaimed fun entertainment for all ages.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.







From the Heart – The Life of a Jewish Boy During World War II in Palestine By Alexandro Modena – A Book Review

From the Heart – The Life of a Jewish Boy During World War II in Palestine

By Alexandro Modena

Robert D. Reed Publishers, P. O. Box 1992, Bandon, OR 97411

978-1944297022, $ 14.95, 2016, 120 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Important Lessons Learned During the Hard Times

Alexandro Modena captures the essence of the adversities he and his family faced while existing in poverty at a time when Jews, Arabs, and Christians lived together in Palestine, when the cultures were changing and during a time the country was occupied by the British Army.

Modena’s memoir “From the Heart – The Life of a Jewish Boy During World War II in Palestine” focuses on his values and perceptions he learned as a fourth grader under the tutelage of Mr. Cohen,  the only male teacher in his elementary school.

These observations are narrated by Alex voice expressed form a 10 year old’s perception level, but with amazing insight. Each chapter details an experience revealing his progress and development as seen through his: improved grades, confidence, self-esteem, and lessons learned about genuine friendship, envy, greed, forgiveness, and deception.  Alex recorded these lessons in a special journal that ended with a short poignant summary statement.

Preteens, teens, and adults will benefit from reading “From the Heart” a heart touching real life story modeling good citizenship, establishing genuine friendships, and living as a community. A fast moving story told with pathos, including Alex’s personal setbacks, and victories.

“From the Heart – The Life of a Jewish Boy During World War II in Palestine” is timely reading for today’s challenges, ideal for opening family discussions with contemporary applications. Highly recommended.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my onw.