Set Yourself Free – Live the Life You Were Meant to Live – A Book Review

Set Yourself Free – Live the Life You Were Meant to Live!

By Jean Walters

Reviewed by: Richard R. Blake

A Transformational Journey – Principles from the Life, Teaching and Example of Jesus

In her book “Set Yourself Free – Live the Life you Were Meant to Live,” transformational coach, Jean Walters integrates principles from the life of Jesus, his teaching, and example to guide the reader into a spiritual journey of “surrender, love, and healing.”

Through stories of people who struggled for answers and turned their difficulties into opportunities; Walters weaves insight into a spiritual consciousness that frees from negativitya, sets in motion the law of attraction, which results in an action plan that leads to reaching goals. Walters dynamic teaching, can enable you the reader to overcome the negative results of fear, improve self-worth, turn desire to motivation, and provide a sense of personal security, made possible through your relationship with God.

I found the self-assessment questions and tools for freeing oneself from fear especially helpful and the process for change challenging. The stories of faith and the freeing power of the Gospel illustrate the importance of the disciplining the mind positively to our body and the resulting relationship to our  physical health.

“Set Yourself Free – Live the Life you Were Meant to Live” is or anyone looking for life change. Jean Walters provides the reader with and an eleven step process, suggested tools  and affirmations for freeing yourself self-doubt on a transformational journey to change that will result in a “new you.”

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Robert D. Reed Publishers, P. O. Box 1992, Bandon, Oregon, 97411, 978-1944297039.  $ 15.95, 256 pages,




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