It’s Supernatural By: Sid Roth – A Book Review


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Keys to Finding Your Divine Destiny – Walking in God’s Miracle Power Today

Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” will resonate with every Christian believer aspiring to experience more of God’s supernatural life and power. Roth tells of his own life changing encounter with God, resulting in fresh new perception and miracle breakthrough which added a whole new dimension of spiritual understanding.

Although raised in a Jewish home, Sid Roth did not find answers in their religious, teachings and traditions; nor did he find them through a successful career as an account executive with Merrill Lynch. Sid became frustrated with life, he gave up his career, became hopelessly depressed, and desperate for finding meaning and purpose. In 1972 Sid was delivered from demonic oppression through a supernatural encounter with Jesus.

The book is filled with fresh powerful examples drawn from interviews with people who have been powerfully transformed by God’s supernatural presence, as evidenced by: Charismatic gifts, the demonstration of miracles, the preservation of the Jewish people as a distinct race, prophets and seers ministering revelatory gifts, and experiencing current day manifestations of the works of Jesus.

Powerful tools, healing promises from the scriptures, simple steps to meditating on the scriptures, and much, much more fill the pages of this fast moving narrative. Roth’s writing is Bible based, authoritative, convincing, with transcendent evidence of the supernatural and teaching that goes beyond prevailing theological concepts.

Sid Roth extends this invitation to his readers, “Welcome to my world, where it Naturally Supernatural.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

It’s Supernatural Press, 4301 Westinghouse Blvd., Charlotte, N. C., 28273, 9780768410860, $16.99, 2017, 192 pages




Brilliant Living – 31 Insights to Creating an Awesome Life By: Simon T. Bailey




Brilliant Living – 31 Insights to Creating an Awesome Life – By: Simon T. Bailey

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Eight Core Values for Life

“Brilliant Living – 31 Insights to Creating an Awesome Life” will help you, the reader, internally analyze, evaluate and discover your passion, which will enable you to carry out God’s plan and purpose for you to impact your immediate world and the world beyond.

Simon T. Bailey provides the necessary skills and principals to help the reader surpass their greatest expectations by “pursuing meaning over money, purpose instead of power, and significance instead of success.”

Bailey’s ‘31 Inspirational Insights are centered on one of eight key core values: spiritual, family, career/business, emotional, mental, wellness, social, and financial which are designed to create a strategic life plan.

Each days insight include: a challenging reading for quiet meditation, related to one or more of the core values with a reading, a decree or affirmation, and illustrative principles and examples for balancing the eight core values.

The format of the book is unique in that each of the 31inspirational messages contain an assignment titled “The Next Step” which challenge the reader to self-examination exercises which encourage taking action steps, toward setting personal goals determined by discovering your life passion. This action sets in motion an action plan for creating your tomorrows, filled with “new, exciting, history making moments.

“Brilliant Living” is written for readers, who want to make a difference, make things happen, and who are willing to take risks. Bailey’s writing is fast moving, written in a style that captures your attention, holds your focus, and moves you forward to go the extra mile. “Brilliant Living” is awesome, practical, and inspiring. Highly Recommended.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Sound Wisdom, P. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 978-0768411535, $ 15.99, 216 pages



Drive Yourself Successful – 11 Inner states to Personal Empowerment By: Rachel Lynn – A Book Review

Drive Yourself Successful – 11 Inner states to Personal Empowerment

By: Rachel Lynn

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,

Embrace the Journey – Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat to Personal Empowerment

In her book “Drive Yourself Successful – 11 Inner states to Personal Empowerment” professional speaker and licensed professional counselor, Rachel Lynn, guides the reader through eleven steps to personal empowerment. Lynn uses an analogy of life’s journey with the process of preparing for and taking an automobile trip on the “inner state.”

In preparation for the trip, Lynn establishes why the trunk of the car must be cleaned out. Lynn strongly recommends that you must throw out negative words. These negative words and thoughts have hindered your self-perception and personal self-worth.  When we get trapped with negative attitudes that keep our gearshift stuck in “park” we need to recognize how these obstacles hold us back from experiencing our full potential. Lynn provides the reader with crucial tool to remove the adverse effect of negative thinking and to replace them with positive thoughts that will inspire, motivate, and reassure peace and strength.

When we find ourselves at a standstill point, living a life on hold: needing a tune up; Lynn challenges us to consciously consider our desires and goals by answering the question, “What do I expect from life?”

Lynn then goes on to provide the reader with practical guidelines for facilitating inner growth, reprogramming personal guidance programs (GPS), and transforming negative experiences of fear and self-doubt into fuel that accelerate vision and activate plans for the journey.

I personally appreciated the guidelines for setting goals and developing vision. The “Checkpoints” that accompany each chapter offer powerful pointers for preparing for the trip, choosing the right fuel, the importance of a tune up and regular maintenance, clear vision, recognizing detours as opportunities for other avenues of success, and adjusting your frequency to enable you, the reader, to “Take the Wheel and Make Yourself Successful.”

Reader’s in the genres of Personal Growth, Business and Economics, Self-Help, or Motivation will resonate with Rachel Lynn’s “11 Inner States to Personal Empowerment” found in “Drive Yourself Successful.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Sound Wisdom, P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257,978-1937879679, $ 15.99, 2017, 184 pages


Unleashing Heaven’s Breath By: Steve Hannett – A Book Review


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,

Supernatural Transformation, Untapped Power Within

In his book “Unleashing Heaven’s Breath” Steve Hannett shares practical tools that open the Scriptures to the reader as a living epistle, an entryway to power, and a more intimate relationship with Jesus. This is Steve’s story of his miraculous healing from cancer.

“Unleashing Heaven’s Breath” is carefully researched, with well documented endnotes, biblical in content, anointed teaching, and inspirational in presentation. Steve is a gifted communicator, passionate in delivery, and humble in spirit. Steve’s prayer is that his readers will “Discover the Ultimate Secret to Releasing Signs, Wonders, and Miracles” available to Christ followers today.

I found the chapter summary points especially helpful. The reflective questions make the book a unique resource for individuals or for interactive Bible study in a small group or discipleship/mentoring relationship. The questions might also be used as a devotional journal for individual focus and personal application. Another inspiring feature is the declarative prayer statement provided at the end of each chapter. These prayers can be life changing.

Steve Hannett, founding pastor of Abundant Grace Christian Church and of Jesus Reigns International, Inc. in Rutherford, New Jersey, has a powerful and effective ministry. The church and school are of one mind in vision, with a goal to train individuals who are seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord and desire to understand the Scripture, as a living guidebook for life and ministry.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 978-0768404494, $16.99, 2017, 240 pages

The Original Design for Health – The Simple Plan to Restore & Maintain Health in 3 Easy Steps By: Dr. Mark Shannan – A Book Review

The Original Design for Health – The Simple Plan to Restore & Maintain Health in 3 Easy Steps

By: Dr. Mark Shannan

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Practical Steps for Implementing a Healthy Balance – For Improved Health

“The Original Design for Health – The Simple Plan to Restore & Maintain Health in 3 Easy Steps” is written out of a genuine desire to help people to live “the most balanced, peace-filled, and healthy lives possible, and to guide them toward a healthier future” based on the guiding principle that God has an Original Design for all people.

The book is made up of proven principles and scientific facts, stories (or case studies) of individuals who have been healed by finding identifying root causes of their health issues and then took control to finding complete wellness.

The book is well organized with a logical progression of material presented. The format includes helpful summary statements, topical headers within each chapter, charts, graphic illustrations, lists, graphs, and pictures. All of these add to help the reader assimilate the material, review topics of interest, and better understand and identify specific material for personal application.

Dr. Mark Shannan is passionate about his work as a Chiropractor and Nutritionist and has a successful practice. His credentials include: a Bachelor of Science degree in human anatomy, a doctorate in Chiropractic, and is a certified applied clinical nutritionist.

“The Original Design for Health” will resonate with anyone seeking to discover and understand how to live healthier, more active, and better balanced lives. I am already incorporating some of Dr. Mark’s principles into practice and better understand why this important for finding mental, physical, and chemical balance.

Highly recommended – an excellent redi-reference for everyone’s personal bookshelf.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, Pa 17257,978-0768409871, $ 16.99, 2016, 318 pages


Sammy’s Broken Leg (Oh No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It, By Judith Wolf Mandell– Illustrated by Lise C. Brown – A Book Review

Sammy’s Broken Leg (Oh No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It

By Judith Wolf Mandell– Illustrated by Lise C. Brown


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

The Fall, the Break, the Cast, the Whooshing Kisses, and the Recovery

Sammy (Samantha) ignites friendships through her rebounding spirit, response to love, her resolute determination, and her encouraging empathy for others.

Judith’s story telling skill and whimsical approach draws the reader’s and the child’s attention, stimulates their imagination, and teaches valuable lessons; on the benefits of following the doctor’s instructions, and on the importance of giving and receiving. . I especially enjoyed the “Whooshing Kisses” symbolic of the thoughts and prayers, and of love and concern family and friends. The book is filled with the concept of comfort, the need for patience, relief from anxiety, and reality of suffering.

The story prepares kids for the stages of recovery and recuperation from a broken bone, a short or long term illness, or any emergency department or hospital situation.

Lise C. Brown’s clever colorful artwork magically depicts the action of the story from Sammy’s waking “YAWN and s-t-r-e-c-h,”  the excitement of going “higher and faster” on the trampoline, Mommy’s warning, the painful fall, arrival at the emergency room,  right up to the time  the doctors wrapped Sammy in a wet fiberglass cast, and sent Sammy and her parents’ home with “The Rules for Sammy’s Cast.”

The whimsical nature of Judith’s writing adds a note of family fun, togetherness, and lighten the “emotional hurt” and physical pain of recovery. “Sammy’s Broken Leg” is encouraging, educational and entertaining.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Harpeth Ridge Press, Nashville, TN

978-0997444919, 2017

Becoming His – Finding Your Place as a Daughter of God By: Jenny Erlingsson – A Book Review



Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,


Life Lessons: Discovering Direction, Fulfilling Destiny, and Finding Freedom


In her book “Becoming His – Finding Your Place as a Daughter of God” Jenny Erlingsson relates stories of women of faith, “a cloud of witnesses” who have gone before; women from the Bible who impacted history. The book is divided into four parts:


  1. His in the Beginning
  2. His in the Promise
  3. His in the Struggle
  4. His in the Freedom


Each fast moving chapter includes: A Profile introducing the background of the Biblical woman featured, a section labeled “Ponder,” a commentary on and scripture lessons from the life of the featured character , and “Press In,” made up of thought provoking challenges and self-searching questions designed for personal application.


Jenny’s writing style is a masterpiece of poetic prose, imaginative fiction, all woven into an interpretation of Biblical truth. Her work is skillfully organized, with deep spiritual insight, while using all the elements of a good story.


Jenny serves on pastoral staff of “Rock Family Worship Center” in Huntsville, Alabama.


“Becoming His” is ideal for personal reflection and application as well as for use in a small group setting. Although written specifically for a woman’s audience, this is a book that is filled with lessons for men as well.  Husbands will better understand their wives, build beautiful partnerships, and become better leaders in the home. Pastors and lay counselors can gain insights from Jenny’s message of restoration and hope in the midst of tragedy.

“Becoming His” provides a modern perspective on eternal truths. Highly recommended.

Destiny Image Publishing, Inc., P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257

978-0768410723, $ 15.99, 2016, 198 pages

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.




Finding Success in Balance – My Journey to the Cheerful Mind By: Apryl Zarate Schluelter A Book Review

Finding Success in Balance – My Journey to the Cheerful Mind

By: Apryl Zarate Schluelter


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Finding Balance to Regain Control, Manage Stress, and Accomplish Your Goals

“Finding Success in Balance – My Journey to the Cheerful Mind” will resonate with anyone who finds themselves overcommitted, and overwhelmed with feelings of exhaustion and defeat. Apryl shares her own story of achieving goals, conquering challenges and appearing to be successful by other people’s standards.

Apryl is open and honest as she tell her story of the Job that Changed Everything for her, a change that centered on finding a Life Work Balance. She describes a life that is not only fulfilling at work, but fulfilling outside of work as well.”

Each fast moving chapter is filled with concrete workable pointers and tips that encourage the reader to:

  • Prioritize and accomplish your goals in light of the life work principles
  • Manage stress to avoid burnout
  • Succeed in your relationships
  • Create your own personal development journey
  • Think of fun as a value and “How to Infuse Fun into your Life”

Apryl Zarate Schluelter, CPC, Eli, MP, is CEO (Chief Energy Officer!) of The Cheerful Mind, Inc.

Apryl’s communication and organizational skills are reflected in her writing. She is articulate and well organized in the structure and presentation of the material. The book is highly informative, well formatted and reader friendly. A thoroughly enjoyable read and reread often.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

The Cheerful Mind Inc., North Brook, Illinois 60062

09780998320304, $ 12.99, 2017, 164 pages




The Success Model – Five Steps to Revolutionize Your Life by Sam Silverstein – A Book Review

The Success Model – Five Steps to Revolutionize Your Life

By: Sam Silverstein

Sound Wisdom, P. O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257,978-0768411836, $ 15.99, 2017, 224 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Turning Your Latent Ability to Realization While Revolutionizing Your Life

In his book “The Success Model – Five Steps to Revolutionize Your Life” Sam Silverstein presents the basis of the success model, a five step system that will encourage the reader to determine what it is they want in life, recognize  their passion  and establish their purpose.  Sam has incredible insight into achievement, the importance of accomplishment, and the reward of personal satisfaction.

The book is made up of short, fast paced chapters that help the reader understand the five key words to success: desire, change, plan, implementation, and success. It is important that you, as the reader, get a thorough understanding of the five step success model before moving on to consider the remaining key words. When these are internalized and implements you will achieve and realize success.

Sam Silverstein is known for his strong stance on prioritizing accountability, growth, and development within the leadership team of a company’s organizational structure. The “Success Model” develops this principle for adaptation on a personal level, making accountability a priority on self-motivation by the individual.

My biggest regret is that I did not discover Silverstein’s writing earlier in my career. Highly recommended.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.



Book Review: If I Walked in Her Shoes by Susan Salach – A book Review


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Caregiving Relationships – Two Perspectives


“If I Walked in her Shoes” is a dramatic novel which captures the essence of struggle faced by families today as a result of an aging population. Susan Salach has carefully created a composite of characters made up with the needs and characteristics of real people she has connected with through bother her personal and professional experiences.Salah’s characters are easy to identify with as they exemplify the dynamics of aging parents and the underlying love that reinforce these relationships common to thousands of families today.

The story begins by introducing Sara, corporate executive in the midst of a flourishing  career, a happily married, mother of two, who suddenly becomes caregiver for her elderly mother, Rose.

A recent widow and independent Rose lived in the family home of over 50 years until a serious fall required hip surgery. Her slow recovery and waning health sound evolved into a progressive reliance on Sara.


Rose and Sara represent a typical relationship created by the needs of the elderly parent and the nature of a dutiful daughter trying to meet the numerous demands of caregiving, a growing family, and a successful career. A sense of guilt, self-reproach, and a lack of sleep frustrated Sara as she attempted to accomplish all minutia of detail at work and at home until she is overwhelmed until she feels her world is crumbling around her. Severe pain, loss of autonomy, and self-sufficiency with no social outlet turn Rose from a sparkling individual to a dejected, resentful, and demanding outsider.


“If I Walked in her Shoes” covers one day detailing the two perspectives, Rose, discontented, aggressive, and lonely, vying for Sara’s attention, while she feels inundated, defensive, and self-protective. Individually Rose and Sara become aware of the other’s situation. They try to see a perspective from the other’s viewpoint and ask the question: “What is it like to be in the others shoes?” or What If, I Walked in Her Shoes?”


Susan Salach helps her characters come to grips with the meaning and basis of family love as the foundation for an ongoing bonding relationship in times of calamity and shifting roles.

Susan Salach’s writing is articulate, her characters genuine and believable, and her plot is engaging. Insightful, enlightening, and heart searching describe this remarkable tribute to caregivers everywhere.



xulon Press, 978-1606476130

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review submitted by Richard R. Blake