The Blue Curtain By: L. G. Metcalf A Book Review

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Suspense, Fantasy, Magic, and Romance

“The Blue Curtain” by Author L. G. Metcalf is a suspense novel with a plot that weaves two stories together; spanning over 500 years, beginning in Southern England in the year 1549.

The first story begins in the midst of a brewing revolt Mitchell, son of Duke Keats, was in love with Marigold, the daughter of the Lord Protector; whose rule was being challenged by Duke Keats, Mitchell’s father, and other revolutionaries. Mitchell and his father were both killed in a battle fighting for their cause.

The second story takes place within the current timeframe in Portland, Maine. Emily Bliss is distraught by the murder of her father and is determined to find his killer. The trail takes her into unexplored territory. Her obsession, leads to a romantic touch, in the midst of revealing family secrets, and a lover tormented by demons. Emily is introduced to a nether- world of a secret clan of vampires, bloody conflicts, and fear.

Metcalf has masterfully developed a plot that puts his characters in imminent danger, with mounting tension. Metcalf’s characters are well developed establishing reader empathy, allowing them to become engaged with the story, and identify with the characters, while sustaining suspense.

The Blue Curtain will resonate with fantasy readers in the genre, and those who appreciate the creative genius and imagination of successful writers on subjects of the unknown, alluding to magical powers, with a hint of the supernatural from a period in recent or ancient history.

Metcalf’s debut novel is destined to win awards in the genre and will assure him of an impressive fan base. The promise of a sequel adds another level of expectation of a growing readership.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Molecyco Press, Toronto, Canada, 978-0995858602, $ 14.95, 2017, 314 pages





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