A Small Book About a Big Problem – Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace

By Edward T. Welch

New Growth Press, Greensboro, N. C., 27404

978-1945270130, $ 17.99, 2017, 192 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake, richard330@yahoo.com


Tame Anger, Develop Patience, Pursue Peace


“A Small Book About a Big Problem” is made up of 50 brief reflections that address the subjects of anger, patience, and peace. These thought provoking vignettes are designed to expose the reader to the destructive effect of anger and to set them on the path to exchange anger for patience, and to experience the compassion of Christ leading to a life of peace.


Penetrating questions help the reader consider their issues with anger.


  • Does your anger hide behind more innocent words? What are your innocent words and what are they saying?
  • How does anger feel?
  • In your anger, what are you really saying to God?
  • Have you confessed your anger?


Ed Welch is a Biblical Counselor and licensed psychologist, author, and faculty member at Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. Ed is highly thought of among his peers. His writing is based on Biblically sound teaching, helping the reader to take an honest look on how anger is impacting, family and social relationships, as well as the emotional, physical, and spiritual impact on health.


“A Small Book About a Big Problem” is described as: “rich, insightful, and piercing; as eminently probing and practical. The importance of God’s grace, mercy, and His plan of forgiveness through Jesus, is presented with clarity. Think your reading as a 50 day adventure in overcoming the battle with anger.


A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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