I Can Still Do It! The Unstoppable Spirit of a Plane Crash Survivor By Karen Trolan – A Book Review


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Overcoming Adversity – A Demonstration of Enduring Pain, the Perils of Living as a Paraplegic Confined to a Wheel Chair While Learning the Art of Adaptive Living

Karen Trolan’s I Can Still Do It” is her story a true story of survival. Karen captivates her reading audience with the story of her miraculously survival; of a plane crash. Her word pictures jump off the page as she relates details of the rescue efforts, of being airlifted to emergency care facilities.

Karen describes the experience of fading in and out of consciousness as Surgeons discuss the prognosis of her traumatic injuries and the challenges and odds of her recovery as a paraplegic. She goes on to relate the long road of rehab, the grueling hours of therapy, the courage to establish a new norm of living, and of her adaptive approach to sports.

The book is highly endorsed by readers who are inspired by her overcoming spirit, the power of her faith, her determination and her. I admire Karen for her positive attitude, her gratefulness, and her desire to help others learn to appreciate life’s adversities and challenges.

“I Can Still Do It! The Unstoppable Spirit of a Plane Crash Survivor” is a book everyone facing a challenge will want to read.

Robert D. Reed Publisher, P. O. Box 1992, Bandon, Oregon 97433, 978-19442978282, $ 12.95, 2018, 120 Pages




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