Nutrient-Based Psychiatry – A Nutritional Prescription for ADHD, Volume 1 – By Emanuel Frank, MD – A Book Review

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

An Important Breakthrough in Assessment and Treatment of ADHD Patients

“Nutrient-Based Psychiatry – A Nutritional Prescription for ADHD” is one of a series of NBP books by Emanuel Frank, MD advocating the integration and use of nutritional supplements and modifications to treat psychiatric disorders.

The book is divided into three parts. Part one is written to help the reader understand Nutrient Based Psychiatry (NBP) and is intended to be a guide to supplemental and alternative treatment approaches.

Part two looks at the science behind NBP and Part three addresses assessment and treatment for the ADHD patient using NBP.

Readers will appreciate Dr. Frank’s exhaustive research, valuable endnotes, and the Quick Reference Prescribing Guide for NBP treatment for ADHD patients.

Nutrient-Based Psychiatry is designed for those diagnosed with ADHD, their loved one’s medical doctor, nutritionists, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals.

Dr. Frank is a practicing board-certified psychiatrist, highly respected by his peers. “Nutrient-Based Psychiatry – A Nutritional Prescription for ADHD” is destined to become recognized as a breakthrough in a controversial nutrient-based approach in ADHD treatment plan.

Highly recommended for anyone working in or impacted by ADHD.

Emanuel Frank – Publisher, San Jose, California, 978-0996761703, $ 15.98, 2017, 266 Pages


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