The Book of Healing – A Journey to Inner Healing through the Book of Job By Teresa Liebscher – A Book Review

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,

Finding Life – Lessons on Inner Healing from the Life Journey of Job

“The Book of Healing – A Journey to Inner Healing through the Book of Job details how Job processed his fears while combatting his friends for their unhelpful counsel. A look at Job’s breakthrough and deliverance while processing the pain of suffering becomes the basis for Teresa’s counsel with her clients as they seek inner healing. By using this approach, I gained new insight into the plight of Job.

Stories from clients, the author’s experiences, and Job’s story illustrate the painful circumstance leading to asking the question as to why people suffer or the question “Why was I even born.” These stories are filled with trauma, abuse, and an honest look at the importance of having a relationship with God as Father, and knowing Him intimately.

I begin to identify with the stories of Joyce, Ted, Sharon, Ray, Mary and Teresa.  Looking inward resulted in some honest interactions with the Holy Spirit, listening for His counsel, teaching, and leading, He began to direct me in how to pray, in strategies to implement, and how to deal with the reactions of others.

The Holy Spirit revealed how I am working too hard to do the right things. Explaining that I need to go to Father God for His help, to begin living life, enjoying it more, and to open up, let the real me show through. I am experiencing an incredible breakthrough in understanding, Job’s journey through inner healing.

Teresa Liebscher is known extensively for her worldwide ministry in training, and mentoring, with the Bethel Church Sozo ministry and her Shabar Ministries. Her writing is endorsed by her peers, church leaders, and a growing base of readers.

Anyone struggling to connect with God, or those who may feel stuck, lost, or hopeless, will find help in “The Book of Healing – A Journey to Inner Healing through the Book of Job.”

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Destiny Image Books, P. O. Box 310 Shippensburg, PA 17257, $ 14.98 2018, 148  Pages



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