The Shattering II – Breaking the Silence

By: Marsha Barth

Reviewed By Richard R. Blake

A Memoir Written as a Novel – A Shattering Story of Child Sexual Abuse

In her book “The Shattering II – Breaking the Silence” Marsha Barth uses a fictional character, Julie, to relate her story of overcoming child sexual abuse. Through Julie, Marsha, tells how she tried to bury the hurt, pain, and heartbreaking trauma of parental verbal, physical, and sexual abuse.

Marsha’s writing is candid, open, realistic, and forthright. She helps the reader understand the devastation and intense traumatic sense of shame and hopelessness of the victim of abuse. Marsha tell how the aftermath of abuse shatters the spirit, robs its victims of self-worth, value and inadequacy, and an understanding of the meaning of true love. The social stigma and emotional scars of shame and guilt that follow are demeaning and unspeakable.

Marsha Barth is an inspirational speaker, author, and advocate for breaking the silence of the ongoing cycle of sexual abuse. She offers hope to victims in their quest for wholeness.

“The Shattering II” is a story with spiritual implication, an amazing story of a survivor of the hurt, pain, and brokenness of abuse, of her steadfast faith and her determination to overcome the hopelessness of a being victimized to claim victory, inner peace, and healing.

Deeply moving, clearly insightful, an important relevant message at a time when there are reportedly over 60,000,000 survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and countless other victims of rape, domestic abuse, and bullying.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Robert D. Reed Publishers, P . O. Box 1992, Bandon, Oregon, 97411, 978-1944297053, $16.95, 2017, 360 Pages

God Made All of Me – A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies – A Book Review

God Made All of Me – A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies

By: Justin S. and Lindsey A. Holcomb

David C. Cook Publisher

Illustrated by Trish Mahoney

A Natural Approach to a Sensitive Issue – Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse

“God Made All of Me” is an excellent resource guide for parents who want to safeguard and instruct their children against the repercussion and heartbreak of sexual abuse.

The reader is guided through exemplary discussions for encouraging communication with the child, while helping them understand, and identify, the private parts of their anatomy. They offer guidelines for opening conversation about:  appropriate touches, maintaining emotions, playing doctor, and identifying people they can trust.

A letter to parents or caregivers intrudes the book and explains the goal opens the book. Each of these helpful conversations are summarized for the parent in final nine final summary statements with explanations as to why each of these areas are important to protect you child from sexual abuse.

Trish Mahoney’s colorful illustrations re-enforce the goal of the authors: “to empower and train Christian communities to recognize, prevent, and respond to child abuse.”

Highly recommended.