A Small Book About a Big Problem – Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace By Edward T. Welch


A Small Book about a Big Problem: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace A Small Book About a Big Problem – Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace

By Edward By Edward T. Welch

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake, richard330@yahoo.com

Tame Anger, Develop Patience, Pursue Peace

“A Small Book About a Big Problem” is made up of 50 brief reflections that address the subjects of anger, patience, and peace. These thought-provoking vignettes are designed to expose the reader to the destructive effect of anger and to set them on the path to exchange anger for patience and to experience the compassion of Christ leading to a life of peace.

Penetrating questions help the reader consider their issues with anger.

  • Does your anger hide behind more innocent words? What are your innocent words and what are they saying?
  • How does anger feel?
  • In your anger, what are you really saying to God?
  • Have you confessed your anger?

Ed Welch is a Biblical Counselor and licensed psychologist, author, and faculty member at Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. Ed is highly thought of among his peers. His writing is based on Biblically sound teaching, helping the reader to take an honest look at how anger is impacting, family and social relationships, as well as the emotional, physical, and spiritual impact on health.

“A Small Book About a Big Problem” is described as: “rich, insightful, and piercing; as eminently probing and practical. The importance of God’s grace, mercy, and His plan of forgiveness through Jesus is presented with clarity. Think your reading as a 50-day adventure in overcoming the battle with anger.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

New Growth Press, Greensboro, N. C., 27404, 978-1945270130, $ 17.99, 2017, 192 pages


Cares Reflections For Nurses – Traducido al Espanol By Carrie M. Dameron – A Book Review

Cares Reflections For Nurses – Traducido al Espanol

By Carrie M. Dameron

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

52 Inspirational Bible Study Devotionals – with a Passionate Cross Cultural Relevance

“Cares Reflections For Nurses – Traducido al Espanol” by Carrie M. Dameron contains 52 inspirational devotional studies. Each reading offers encouragement to nurses, to strengthen their faith and to pursue the call of God on their life to recognize nursing as a ministry to the sick, the disabled, and to the mentally ill.

A unique feature of the book is the bilingual translation with a cross cultural emphasis. The English language is featured on one side of the page and a Spanish translation on the opposite page; an interesting practical approach for cross cultural training.

The book is designed to equip Christian  nurses to understand how to make spiritual applications in health care situations. Carrie offers practical instructions on to how to implement this concept into specific situations the readers are faced with on a daily basis in the lives of their patients and their families, as well as their colleagues.

Carrie has over 25 years as a professional nurse. She has served in the fields of acute care, home/hospice, and gerontology. She is currently teaching pre-licensure nursing students, and has a regular column in the Journal of Christian Nursing.

“Cares Reflections For Nurses – Traducido al Espanol” is spiritually and theologically significant, inspiring, insightful, filled with practical golden nuggets; an ideal resource for use in a professional classroom, in a one on one mentor relationship, a small group study, or as an individual Bible study devotional.

Nurses for Him – 978-098883620, 2016, $ 5.95, 118 pages





Preparations for a Move of God … in your life – By: Dr. Sandra G. Kennedy A Book Review

Reviewed by: Richard R. Blake

Foundational Principals for Renewal, Overcoming Obstacles, and a Living a Victorious Life

Dr. Sandra Kennedy’s book, “Preparations for a move of God … in your life” offers the reader clear, concise, instructions on how to  position our Christian life for spiritual growth through a faith expectancy on God, so that He can intervene, change our perspective on our situations, circumstances and problems; increase our faith, and transform our life.

Dr. Kennedy introduces fundamental foundational truths and principles which allow God to infiltrate and change every facet of our lives, as we diligently seek his presence, and make a volitional surrender to the Lordship of Christ. Kennedy shows how the power of true faith produces action. She describes how revelation produces heart knowledge in the process and how renewing our minds and confessing the word can turn our stumbling blocks in to stepping stones.

“Preparations for a Move of God” clearly proclaims promises from the uncompromised Word of God with solid step by step teaching on faith that results in healing, and victory. Dr. Kennedy has a calling and passion for the Church to have a worldwide impact with a far reaching message of the splendor and glory of God.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., P.O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 978-0768418293, $9.99, 2017, 72 pages