Embracing the Wild in Your Dog by Bryan Bailey – A Book Review

Embracing the Wild in Your Dog

By: Bryan BaileyFast Pencil Inc., 307 Orchard City Drive, Suite 210, Campbell, Calif. 95008978-1619334712, $ 16.95, 174 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A Wonderful Combination of Story, Scientific Fact, and Guidelines to Understanding Your Dog

Bryan Bailey unlocks the key to trying to domestic the wolf in his book “Embracing the Wild in Your Dog.” He guides the reader on a journey that includes emotionally charged stories and well developed scientific fact.

Although there are many theories and methodologies that have been disputed for years, advance in scientific evidence show that today’s domestic dog is a direct descendant of the grey wolf. In consultation with dog owners as a professional trainer Bailey works on the premise that, a dog’s behavior is dominated by “instinct” passed down from the wolf. The dog is a modified wolf, not a human.

Bailey’s highly developed intuitive sensitivity and curiosity are the result of growing up in Alaska and as young man being mentored by Special Forces survival instructor. He writes from years of formal study and real life experiences in the field of wolves in their wild habitat, sled dogs in Alaska, his years as a K9 officer and as a training instructor. He is an advocate for taming the wild and teaching others to “embrace the wild in their dog.” His writing is articulate, authoritative, important and informative.

Bailey has given me a new appreciation for nature and especially for the wilds of the Alaskan frontier. As an extra “take away,” I was reminded of the importance of acceptance without judgment, and of the importance of always striving for personal and professional growth.

“Embracing the Wild in Your Dog” is an imperative read for every dog owner.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own