Vertitas Pictura By Don Smarto – A Book Review



Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Absolute Truth versus Relative Truth – Apologetics – A Comprehensive Treatise using Full-Color Photography

Prolific Writer, National Radio Show Host, Popular Conference Speaker and Award-winning Photographer Don Smarto combines his distinctive gift of photography with his writing skills and his  psychological, theological, and political insights in his book “Veritas Pictura.”

Smarto begins his treatise with by establishing the premise “that when it come s to the foundation of your moral and legal choices, knowing the truth is crucial.”  He helps the reader formulate the important questions that lead to finding truth and purpose.

“Vertitas Pictura” is more than a book. It is an experience; touching the reader’s emotions, the intellect, and the spiritual. Unique features of the book include:

  • 300 hundred striking photos
  • 50 Pages of Probing Questions
  • 60 Pages of Inspiring Quotes from the Scriptures
  • A Comprehensive Treatise on Absolute Truth versus Relative Truth

Smarto’s writing is filled with penetrating thoughts, insights and personal examples which inspired me to continue in my pursuit of intellectual curiosity while holding steadfast to the unchanging value of truth.

I cannot adequately describe the impact of Don Smarto’s award-winning photography. He elicited my deepest feelings as I looked into the faces portraying the pain and sorrow of physical suffering, the deprivation of unmet needs, the discouragement of loneliness, and the hopelessness of depression. Other pictures were arranged in a way to stimulate feelings of joy, celebration, and hope by finding answers, truths or promises from the scriptures, or from quotes by historical leaders, contemporary thinkers, philosophers, theologians, and educators.

Frontline Press, P. O. Box 764499, Dallas, Texas 75376-4499,  978-0989357913, $22.00, 2017, 800 Pages

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.