The Compass Solution – A Guide to Winning Your Career By Tim Cole – A Book Review


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

Lessons for Developing a Sustainable and Successful Career

“The Compass Solution – Guide to Your Career” is designed as a career survival guide to a winning career; time-tested techniques, proven principles, and personal stories navigate the reader through four basic cardinal points and three keys that can accelerate the climb to success.

The book is well formatted, made up of profound principles, presented in practical terms for understanding, application, and execution.  Each chapter includes an important “straight talk summary” to optimize the course of your career. Cole offers the reader keys to analysis, insight gathering, and definitive action that produce the determination and commitment for developing your plans for the future.

Author, Tim Cole’s successful career in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry includes dozens of restructures and five mergers. Tim is now focusing on sharing the secrets and lessons he learned in the corporate world to help others realize success and fulfillment in their careers.

Brilliant articulate writing, timely up-to-date application of proven principles, add to the value and motivation for the reader. “The Compass Solution – A Guide to Winning Your Career” is written for college students contemplating a career, service personal reentering civilian life, and anyone looking for a career change.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

The Compass Alliance, LLC, 11820 Dan Maples Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277, 978-0999057100, $17.99, 2017, 264 pages




Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles Rediscovered

By: Napoleon Hill

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake


Timeless Success Principles for the 21st Century, Adopt a positive Attitude, Determine Your Dream, Follow Your Heart, and Take the First Step to Achievement

Jeffrey Gitomer, American author, professional speaker, and business trainer, collaborated with Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill Learning Center at Purdue University to create the e-zine “Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today.” Judy has complied fifty two writings from Hill’s success principles, added comments and challenges for application in the 21st Century in the book Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles Rediscovered.

Each chapter open with an inspirational motivational quote, principle, word of wisdom, or a pithy statement by Napoleon Hill or leaders involved in the work of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Centers.

Judy demonstrates a keen gift for understanding, interpreting, and teaching the reader how to apply and master Hill’s success principles. Each of the 52 lessons contains a principle of attitude, success and life, with the challenge to take action, achieve results, adapt a positive attitude in your professional and family life, and to share Napoleon Hill’s success secrets with others.

Examples from the lives of Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank, Alexander Graham and Andrew Carnegie demonstrate purpose, dedication, determination, and dreams of achievement.

Napoleon Hill’s timeless principles have become the standard for personal development Coaches, Career Counselors, and well known Motivational authors and speakers internationally.

I have been personally challenged to read Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles Rediscovered, one more for understanding, again for implementation, and repeated times for meditation and optimum application – always with pen in hand.

A complimentary review copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

The Napoleon Hill Foundation,Sound Wisdom, P.  O. Box 310, Shippensburg, PA 17257, 978-1937879747, $ 15.99, 2017, 184 Pages