Book Review: The 7% Solution: You can Afford a Comfortable Retirement by John H. Graves

The 7% Solution: You Can Afford a Comfortable Retirement

By: John H. Graves, CLU, and ChFC

Safe Harbor International Publishing

10790 Encino Drive

Oak View, CA 93022

978-0983573128, $ 16.00, 2012, 269 pages

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

An Investment Resource for Taking Charge of Your Investment and Retirement Goals

In his book “The 7% Solution” financial advisor John H. Graves, CLU, ChFC, provides the reader guidelines for determining their retirement needs, and for indenting the sources of income and retirement.

I was especially appreciative of:

  • The helpful work sheets
  • The suggested websites
  • The reading and resource suggestions
  • The reader friendly format
  • The logical progression of the material
  • The investment guidelines

The assignments and exercises suggest at the end of each chapter are filled with pointed questions to guide the reader in discovering their personal retirement and investment goals, and help in formulating action steps for the wise investment counsel in areas of stocks, bonds, annuities, real estate, and business buyouts.

The information packed fourteen chapters, are filled with guidelines, tips, authoritative principles, tax planning, and practical suggestions for selecting, maintaining, and monitoring your portfolio.

There will be those who find the Graves approach controversial – I found Graves’ writing articulate, convincing, and stimulating.  “The 7% Solution” provides the reader with an investment resource for taking charge of their investment and retirement Goals.”

This is a book I plan to keep available for ready reference in these times of economic uncertainty. I am going to recommend “The 7% Solution” to family and friends.

A complimentary copy of the book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own. As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review.