Growing Kids with Character By Hettie Brittz – A Book Review


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake

A Unique Journey into Parenting – Enriching and Equipping Tools – A Blueprint for Building Christian Character, Potential, and Purpose in Your Child

Author, speaker, and highly regarded leader in areas of parenting, leadership and personality styles Hettie Brittz offers parents perspectives for fostering their child’s  Christian character, potential, and purpose in her new book “Growing Kids with Character.”

Brittz identifies children’s character traits and likens them to a tree in the forest according to their growth patterns and needs. Step by step she offers tips for parenting that will “support their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses,”[i] as she encourages the parent to be intentional about whole life transformation relating the back to the application of the tree concept:

  • The Palm Tree
  • The Rose Bush
  • The Boxwood
  • The Pine Tree
  • And the Hybrid Trees

Brittz adopts the premise that each child responds differently to discipline, motivation, and communication. Moving forward on this foundation she provides parents with ideas for developing and nurturing your child’s unique character: How to direct and teach them important lessons, how to dialog and speak, how to discipline and train, and how to disciple them to increase their faith and to fulfill God’s purpose and their destiny.

Brittz writes with authenticity, authority, and humor as she offers guidelines and an interesting perspective on parenting. Highly recommended.

David C. Cook, 4050 Lee Vance Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918, 978-1434712530, $ 18.99, 2018, 272 Pages










[i] Charles Swindoll


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